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The History of Fishers

Fishers as it is now known was founded by George Frederick Fisher in 1913. He was born in Erdington on 20th May 1894.

Entering the world of work he joined his uncle, (George Melen) in his business of manufacturing cars. George Fisher’s business acumen became quickly apparent. The two Georges made a significant success of the business and when it was sold a few years later both men found themselves in possession of a small fortune. So new was the car industry in those days that one could draw a parallel with today’s internet entrepreneurs.

George and his uncle decided to invest their capital in property to be acquired and managed by George Fisher trading as “George F. Fisher” at 110 Edmund Street, Birmingham, early in 1913. No sooner was the firm established than the First World War started in the autumn of 1914 and George joined up to serve his country as an officer in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment on the Western Front, leaving his staff to manage in his absence. He survived that conflict and returned to his business in 1918.

He married and had four children. Three girls and a boy.

In 1951 the business moved to premises which George had bought and converted for the purpose from a terrace of houses, 16-26 High Street Harborne. His son John George Fisher joined his father in the business in the early 1950s. Soon afterwards the firm was renamed “George Fisher and Son”.

George retired from the business in the early 1970s leaving John as the second proprietor of the firm.

In 1982 Alan George Holland joined the business, going into partnership with John in 1989. They restyled the business “Fishers”.

In 1997 John retired from the business leaving Alan (the third proprietor) to take the firm through its centenary in 2013 to his retirement in 2020. During this time the business gradually adapted to a more modern presence and was able to become further established in professional surveying and valuation work alongside the existing property management business.

Alan was joined in 2002 by Dean Taylor and in 2007 by Kay Venables who jointly took the business on from him in 2020 becoming the fourth proprietors in 108 years.