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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my rent?

We ask that tenants set up a standing order to pay rent. Bank details for this payment are provided at the start of the tenancy. Please use property address as the reference.


How do I contact Fishers out of hours?

Only in the event of genuine emergency should the out of number be used, all general repairs to reported to office in working hours. Emergency number – 07389 068594.


How do I find your office?

Our address is 30 Harborne Road Edgbaston B15 3AA. We are situated above Boston Tea Party with the entrance door on Greenfield Crescent.


Who is responsible for the garden?

Tenants are responsible for the gardening, however landlords should maintain any high level shrubbery or trees which may require attention annually or bi- annually.  Communal gardens are not a tenants’ responsible.


Who is responsible and how to set up pay bills?

Tenants are responsible for all occupier bills. We do write to the providers to inform them of your move in but strongly recommend you contacting them to set up your account.  Useful contact details for companies are provided in your move-in booklet.


What references are required?

Fishers will take all personal circumstances into account and appreciate at times the procedure may need to be adapted. Typical references we may require would include – financial credit checks, employment references, ID check, right to right and currently landlord reference.


Changeover of tenants

During the tenancy should you wish to change a tenant then both the outgoing and incoming tenant need to contact Fishers. We will need to seek approval from the owner of the property and also satisfactory references for the incoming tenant. Admin fee applies.


Are pets allowed?

Pets are considered on a case-by-case basis. Any request should be made in writing and should consent be given you will receive this in writing and be asked to sign a pet addendum.


Can I end my tenancy early?

During a fixed term tenancy there is no legal provision to end the contract early. Where circumstances have changed, we will contact the landlord to attempt to reach a mutual agreement regarding the outstanding term. Please note the final decision in this respect is not with Fishers and we will be acting on the landlord’s instructions.


Do I need to change light bulbs and smoke alarms batteries?

It is a tenant’s responsibility to replace light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries during the tenancy term.


How do I renew my tenancy? Can I go on a rolling contract?

Fishers will contact you prior to the end of your tenancy., but free to contact us if you prefer. We are unable to confirm if a rolling contract would be an option as this is dependent on both landlords and tenants being agreeable to this.


How do I give notice to vacate?

We ask for notice to be given in writing, with most tenants providing this by email. We will then respond with the move out procedure.


How do you use/store my information?

We store in data in accordance with GDPR requirements and only use the data for purposed which you consent to.


How can I apply for a property?

To apply for a property the application and guarantor forms (where applicable) are on the tenant page of our website.


Useful information

Please refer your move-in booklet which contains useful advice for tenants for basic maintenance and repairs. Including mould/condensation, easy to solve boiler problems and blockages.