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Quinton: A Local Guide

A bustling residential suburb of Birmingham, Quinton is five miles west of the city centre and stretches to the borders of Halesowen, Warley and Harborne.


Quinton was originally a small village known as Rigeacre, which housed small farms and nail-making industries. When Quinton became part of Birmingham in 1909, the Lord Mayor, Sir George Kendrick, said in a speech that Quinton had “green fields and tree-clad hills” everywhere. Throughout the 20th century, however, the landscape of Quinton changed drastically, largely due to the large-scale private housing development of the 1930s. Only residential homes were built in Quinton, due to the concerns by the Edgbaston upper class of fumes from factories reaching them. Today, Quinton is residential with a speckling of green spaces.


Birmingham’s third largest park, Woodgate Valley Country Park, is an ideal place to escape the noise and traffic of the city. The Old Quinton area, to the west of Quinton, contains the highest point in Birmingham and the top of the spire of Christ Church is the highest point of any building in Birmingham!


Quinton’s housing mainly consists of medium sized private semi-detached houses from the 1930s and 1940s. In the 1950s, council houses were built in the remaining spaces. The older parts of Quinton, near Christ Church, hold largely Victorian terraced houses, and Nailer’s Cottage, which is the oldest building in the area.


Quinton has one secondary school, Four Dwellings Academy, and five primary schools: Quinton C of E Worlds End Primary School, Woodhouse Primary School, Welsh House Farm Community School and Four Dwellings Primary Academy.


Situated close to the city centre, Edgbaston is served by two railway stations (University station and Five Ways railway station) and a busy bus route on the A38.


The suburb has two amateur football teams, which play in the Warley and District Football League; the Quinton Magpies and the Quinton Rangers.

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