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Bournville: A Local Guide

The picturesque village of Bournville, often associated with the Cadbury family and chocolate, has been described as “one of the nicest places to live in Britain.” areas.


In the early 19th century, Bournville consisted of a few farms and cottages, with the Georgian built Bournbrook Hall at its centre. In 1861, Quakers George and Richard Cadbury moved their father’s expanding cocoa and chocolate business from central Birmingham to the green fields of south Birmingham.

The brothers named the area Bournville after Bournbrook Hall, using the French word ‘ville’ meaning town. In 1893, George Cadbury bought 120 acres of land close to the factory, aiming to alleviate “the evils of modern more cramped living conditions.”

By 1900, a model village had sprung up, with 313 cottages and houses built consisting of large gardens and modern interiors.

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The serene suburb of Bournville has no public houses due to George Cadbury’s Quaker beliefs. However, it has a number of religious institutions, including St Francis of Assisi Church, Oak Tree Church, a Serbian Orthodox
Church of St Lazar and a Quaker Bournville Friends Meeting House.



Bournville has a variety of park and recreation areas. Rowheath Pavilion, which was designed and built in accordance with instructions of George Cadbury, was used as a clubhouse and changing rooms for Bournville’s acres of playing fields, bowling greens, fishing lake and outdoor swimming lido.



The glorious 750 year-old medieval hall house, Minworth Greaves, is located within the grounds of Selly Manor.

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There are an array of primary schools in Bournville, including Bournville Junior School, Bournville Infant School and St Francis Primary School. There are two secondary schools, Dame Elizabeth Cadbury and Bournville School, as well as Bournville Colleges of Further Education and the Bournville Centre for Visual Arts.



The Cadbury’s built Bournville’s indoor swimming baths, the Valley pool boating lake and the scenic cricket pitch.



Bournville is served by a number of bus routes, has great road access and its own railway station, which connects to Birmingham City centre and beyond.

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