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Renters (Reform) Bill
The Renters (Reform) Bill has now been formally presented to Parliament for review, promising to deliver a fairer lettings system for tenants and landlords in England. The government have described the Bill as a ‘once in a generation overhaul of...
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Why Should you Invest in Rental Property in Birmingham in 2021?
Birmingham is popular for property investors to buy a property and we believe that it is one of the best cities to invest in property in the UK. The city has a flourishing economy, youthful population and a lack of...
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What is the Cause of the Boom in Rental Property Demand?
The rental market took a slight hit when the government announced that the UK would go into a full lockdown back in March 2020, however, since May of last year the rental market has been booming. The supply, however, is...
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The History of Fishers
Fishers as it is now known was founded by George Frederick Fisher in 1913. He was born in Erdington on 20th May 1894. Entering the world of work he joined his uncle, (George Melen) in his business of manufacturing cars....
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